Take The Power Back!

1963 – I Want To Hold Your Hand by The Beatles.

1975 – Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen.

1985 – Merry Christmas Everyone by Shakin’ Stevens.

1993 – Mr. Blobby by, ahem, Mr. Blobby.

2009 – Killing In The Name by Rage Against The Machine.

The Christmas no.1 spot has held some of the greatest and some of the worst songs ever recorded, but one thing was always certain; the list was varied year to year. Until 2005, that is…enter Simon Cowell. There’s no doubt that The X Factor is a popular show here in the UK. Even if you don’t watch it, it’s near on impossible to not have a clue what’s going on. It’s entertainment, something for people to fill their cold Saturday nights with and gossip about come Monday morning. But should it be taken seriously in the music industry? This is the debate brought up over Christmas of 2009, as a group of fed up music fans took to Facebook to campaign to take the no.1 spot away from whatever poor sod was being used as Cowell’s personal puppet that year. You see, the no.1 spot had been taken over by Cowell’s X Factor champions four years running, and people finally became fed up with it. So Rage Against The Machine’s Killing In The Name reigned champion over poor little Joe McSomething’s dreary, predictable, granny-friendly ballad, and it turned out, Rage themselves we’re actually pretty happy with the grass-roots campaign. So happy in fact, that they announced a victory gig in celebration. AND I GOT A TICKET!  So, this gig was on Sunday (6th June) in Finsbury Park, and it friggin’ rocked! The atmosphere was incredible, especially when they closed with KITN, and despite being completely battered and bruised for days afterwards, I’m so glad I had the opportunity to see this amazing band perform in such unusual circumstances. I remember buying their self titled album in a little record shop in Cambridge when I was 17 and to finally see them live, well, it was truly mind blowing. I managed to take a few photo’s in between all the jumping and shouting, which I’ve posted below 🙂

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Sand Castles

I first heard of Theophilus London back in November of last year when he supported Jack Penate at the Brixton Fridge, London. I remember thinking his style and sound was fresh and different to anything else around but afterwards I couldn’t for the life of me remember his name! (I blame the cheap [in quality, sadly not price] gig beer!)

Fast forward to February this year and a night out to Fabric nightclub (www.fabriclondon.com check it out if you’re into dubstep, house and the like, it’s awesome!). My friends seems pretty excited about this act scheduled to perform so we made our way to the front of the crowds to check it out, and it turned out to be none other than Mr. London himself! The whole set was so energetic and fun and this time I was determined to remember this guys name (despite having a few too many sambuca shots!). I ended up downloading his mixtape This Charming Mixtape from datpiff.com, and more recently my boyfriend gave me a copy of JAM!, another mixtape by Theophilus. Pretty much every track is great but this track really stands out for me, I’m addicted to it right now 😀 Enjoy!

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I Want I Want!

I’ve been on the search for some heels that I can wear in the daytime for quite some time now and I do believe these gorgeous platformed beauties from Office (www.office.co.uk) fit the bill perfectly. I’m loving the leather on wood look and I think they’d work equally well either teamed with a light and flirty summer dress or with leggings and a cute over sized tee. At £85 a pop they’re not entirely budget friendly and sadly that’s a stretch too far for me right now but alas I shall continue to lust after them from afar *sighs*

On a happier note though whilst digging through my closet I came this cute pair of heels that I’d forgotten about but that could possibly work as a daytime shoe. I bought these about two years ago from New Look, but I have only worn them once so far as I remember wishing the heel was a little higher… (at only 5’2, I need all the help I can get sometimes!)

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Hello! I’ll keep this short as I’m not one for grand entrances, so basically I love fashion, music and writing, hence the blog. I tend to over-use exclamation points, fantasise a lot and have a rather short attention span but I hope you’ll enjoy reading my blog regardless (which I’ll try my absolute hardest to keep up with!). Pretty much anything goes with me so although I’ll be mainly focussed on fashion (trends, customising, wish-lists) and music (new bands, classics and general musical musings) it’s likely that once in a while I’ll go off on a tangent so I hope you’ll bear with me and have fun!

❤ Cx

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