Time To Pretend

I love accessories, but one item that’s never really appealed to me before has been the watch. Sure I’ve worn watches in the past, but I’ve always seen them as more of a necessity (that is now no longer, thanks to mobile phones) rather than a fashion accessory. Until recently that is, as I casually flicked through a magazine and the Toy watches caught my eye. I instantly loved them, the array of fresh, bright colours, the chunky face and the rubbery, snug strap all appealed to me and for the first time, I found myself actually longing for this piece of wrist candy. With prices exceeding the £100 mark, I knew it would be a while until I’d be walking out of a shop with one of those bad boys on my arm, but a stroll down Oxford Street soon led me to a fabulously cheap alternative until I could afford the real thing! At £10 each and in an assortment of colours, New Looks copycat watch was well worth buying to tide me over and curb those Toy cravings for now 😀

[Toy watches at Selfridges.com & New Look watches at newlook.com]

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