Diamonds and Pearls

Okay, so it’s more like beads and metal, but I love my costume jewellery none the less! The problem with keeping it in boxes though is it tends to get tangled up, which is no good for someone like me who leaves things to the last minute and has no time to sit around carefully untangling each piece. I moved out of my shared flat at university last year and ever since I’ve had random kitchen objects laying around which have no use for me right now. I decided to use a mug tree to hang my jewellery off of, it’s the perfect height and makes it easy for me to see all my jewellery at once and grab what I want if I’m in a hurry. I also had this beautiful shell which I got when I went to the Bahamas a few years back, and it’s perfect for storing all my earrings and rings in. Problem solved!

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